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#256   2007-12-25 17:12    Split        
aliz : [quote]kurusch :
большое спасибо. Помогите, пожалуйста, найти полные выступления Тихонова-Большовой (профайлы, танец, слова в конце) от 11.11, 25.11 и 2.12. Очень-очень прошу! Спасибо

всеми лапами присоединяюсь к просьбе, буду ооочень благодарна!!!!


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#257   2008-06-21 21:21    Split        
Вот ещё видео с первого проекта figureskating.2x4.ru
и тут ещё что-то вроде сайт о фигурном катании


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#258   2008-10-30 15:07    Split        
ПРо Феклу Толстую написал Icenetwork!:D
Right now, Zimmerman, 35, is appearing on Russia's Channel 2 version of "Skating with the Stars," where he's partnering with TV and radio host Fyokla Tolstoy, the great-granddaughter of Leo Tolstoy (author of War and Peace and Anna Karenina). They've done five shows to date (show six taped on Monday and airs this weekend), and despite having no sports background, Tolstoy is doing very well.
"We practice before and after her radio show each day," Zimmerman said. "This woman comes from an educated, academic background -- no sports whatsoever in her life. This is really one of the first endeavors for her in a sporting environment in any capacity. It's a great big new challenge for her, and she is all about it. She loves and enjoys it. She works feverishly on everything that we do -- harder and more repetitions than I would even do. She is into it."

А вообще статья о Джоне Циммермане.